This site has had many iterations over the years. It’s been a personal profile, a blog, a small collection of longer pieces of writing, and, nowadays, a mixture of all sorts of writing. Below is the full archive. I continue to import pieces I have written elsewhere, so my collection is growing.

Most of my current effort goes into the weekenotes which are collected here.

Year in review


Originally, blogging was a chronological list of posts, and the early blogs were personal and not thematic. This meant blogs covered a wide range of topics, focussing on the author’s personal view of the world. Over time, bloggers started categorising posts to provide meaningful collections of writing. I am not sure I was very consistent with my categorisation when my output was more prolific. However, I find all the reviews I wrote about film, theatre and books quite interesting to look back on. I have collected them here. The collection is reliant on my inconsistent application of tags and categories to posts. Occasionally, I work through some old posts and find something that deserves re-categorisation.