Full Disclosure

I believe it’s important to understand the context of things written on the web and, in that spirit, this little page should help explain how my views may have formed. My professional summary can be found thanks to the nice folks at LinkedIn and that may also help put this site in context. Generally, I do not write about work nor my employer but I do write about the digital advertising industry in general. As such, you might want to check out who I have worked for. It’s a personal decision and nothing to do with those who pay me each month. All the places I have worked have had great blogging policies.

Nonetheless, because I do comment on industry issues, you should be aware that this site is the personal opinion of Jon Curnow (that’s me, in case you haven’t work that out from the photo, URL or anything else here). None of the opinions expressed are those of my current employer nor those of the people employing me at the time I wrote the piece. I have been lucky enough to work for people who allowed me to disagree with them but I probably won’t be writing about that because that’s what I do from 9-5 and this site isn’t.

I do not accept payment in return for anything I write about. I used to maintain some sites that featured small advertisements from one of the advertising networks that people like me (with low traffic web sites) can sign up for: most them redirect elsewhere now. Around the site you may find some links to Amazon for books or music. Some of those links may earn an affiliate payment but most do not. Any income generated doesn’t even cover the hosting costs but, as that little British grocer says, every little helps.

Any item that may be written in contravention of the above statement will be clearly noted. Corrections and omissions should be notified as soon as possible. Contact me via email using jon@ and adding this site’s domain.

This full disclosure statement was last updated on 5 April 2021.