Weeknotes #19

Week commencing Monday, 21 November 2022

Quantified Self

  • This week: Stand 7/7; Exercise 5/7 and Move 6/7. (86%, getting better).


  • It’s taken me a little longer to get back to this than I had imagined. I decorated, I visited family and I went on holiday. I started a new job. And I have spent a couple of weekends on The Isle of Wight.
  • Has a lovely Thai duck curry at Nay Thai in Surbiton with Angela and Rich and an amusing evening swapping home buying horror stories. I think, like anybody who has ever nought a house in Britain, we all wondered why it’s so hard and takes so long.
  • Drinks for the Thirsty Thursday even were a much quieter evening that I think had been planned but lovely nonetheless. We didn’t get to see the 3D advertising in Piccadilly Circus that Cornelia had want to take a look at.
  • A Friday evening train to Havant allowed us to catch a bus to Hayling Island to meet Jo, Phil, Christine and David. Followed the England v USA World Cup match via family WhatsApp on the way down. It was still on TV when we arrived and it consensus of the pundits matched the view that it was not a good game for England.
  • We had a lovely weekend in a little house overlooking the beach and experiencing winter by the sea. Sadly the little Hayling Island strain wasn’t running because part of the track was flooded.
  • PY and I took a walk along the coast to the ferry point which was, sadly, not running this weekend. Stopped for a glass of wine at the Inn on the Beach with a view of the kite surfers.
  • We discovered that there are some very expensive homes along that part of the coast. Sunday was spent at Gunwharf Quays before taking the train back.


  • The High Performance podcast is something I have been meaning to listen to. A number of recommendations for the Tyson Fury episode resulted in me listening to it. Recommended.


To save the links getting lost in the future I checked the Internet Archive to see what they had saved for the posts linked here. If the original source above no longer works, these should.