Elsewhere: 72 baps, Connie. You slice, I’ll spread.

I felt compelled to note the passing of Victoria Wood and Prince this week. Such shocking news. I wrote something earlier on Facebook that included a link to a lovely piece by The Guyliner that sums up Victoria Wood’s influence on many people’s lives.

What a week it’s been: losing Victoria Wood and Prince – two icons from my childhood.

I was going to write something about Victoria Wood. Somewhere I have the audio of several episodes of As Seen on TV that were recorded with a microphone propped up against the television. It was the kind of thing you would want to listen to over and over. Of course, many of the sketches are now available on YouTube.

However, I think this tribute says it all and leaves me time to go & find another Susie Blake sketch to watch. Very Wise, With Those Hips” – A Tribute To Victoria Wood

As Paul said on Twitter, “Tough week for a teen of the ’80s”.