This page is designed to keep a simple changelog for Jon Curnow’s website, This site is managed through WordPress and hosted with Dreamhost.

2 August 2020

  1. There’s been a typo on the home page for years. I have only just seen it. There will be others, I know, but how many times have I read that page?

31 July 2020

  1. Finally got around to removing references to a site I no longer have ( as well as links to Google Plus from the Contact page. Added Instagram to the list of social media accounts.

23 November 2017

  1. Added the Listen page as a new top level menu and the second level-audio collection listing by year.

10 April 2016

  1. Publishing on Apple News using Publish to Apple News by AlleyInteractive.

11 February 2017

  1. Ambrosite Next/Previous Post Link Plus & WP Super Cache plugins deactivated.
  2. Autoptimize plugin added.
  3. Maxmind geoplugin JavaScript removed & references to Maxmind  removed from cookie policy.
  4. References to Twitter Digests and old recommend site lists removed as content is now stored in draft form only.
  5. o5-50 and 2004 in Pictures updated with pictures imported into WordPress library; Treo category updated.