Starmaker, Dream Breaker

So it’s all getting a bit spooky. There I was on Friday night remembering the songs from the TV series of Fame (I preferred the TV series as it was much fluffier. Being so young, the grittiness of the film version didn’t hit me for several years) and remembering Danny as one of my childhood lust-objects (you used to be able to download your own Danny wallpaper here).

I spent yesterday doing all the boring things you have to do around the house occasionally. Cleaning. Paying bills etc. At some point I switched on VH1 to find it was their 100 Worst Videos day. And the song I switched on to? No 62 (I think) which was Starmaker, by the Kids from Fame (OK, it would have been a better story if it was Friday Night, but still)

So let’s see if I can tempt fate – I want to see more about the following: Play School, Rainbow, Harley Hare, The Clangers, Trumpton. How spooky would it be if this actually works?

It will aid my aching bones. I’ve been in the garden all day cutting down bushes and pruning. I was outside for the grand total of seven hours and it rained for most of them. Strangely, I feel invigorated by having spent the day outdoors. No doubt I shall ache tomorrow.