Friday Night’s Gonna Be Alright

Friday nigh’s gonna be alright.

Well in a few minutes I will, hopefully, be leaving the office. I have been here late most evenings and, to be honest, I am really looking forward to going home and sleeping. The air-conditioning in the office has been broken so we have gradually baked our way through today. I would he happy without the nonsense air-conditioning anyway, but all the windows have been sealed shut so that you can’t get any really fresh (well, fresh for London standards) air into your lungs. I have a weekend of hard, manual labour planned. I have to tame some of the wild growth in my garden. I can’t wait. Friday Night, as Danny (one of the Kids from Fame) once sang, is “gonna be alright”. I’m sure I remember that because I used to have a huge crush on Carlo Imperato.

Start shaking your hips
Baby pucker your lips
Cause I’m coming to see you soon

I must only have been about 10 years old!

Anyway, why you may ask do I spend ten minutes writing this? Well, our dumb systems are taking forever to do some processing and I am not going to sit here all night watching the screen!