I was certainly right. I ached this morning. Almost every bone and several parts I didn’t really know that I had. It remains, however, a great feeling not to have spent the day indoors watching television on a wet Sunday afternoon. I tackled nature and although nature probably won in the end (watch as all my careful pruning results in a whole pile of dead plants by spring) it was a rewarding task. I don’t get to spend much time outdoors and I don’t to do much physical work. I am a desk-jockey and it probably isn’t that good for me. I never really wanted to be a desk bound. For me, sitting in an office all day has strange overtones of turning into my father. I have nothing against my Dad, I just never thought of myself as being a desk-based person but I am. I sit in front of a screen and type for most of the day. I guess that’s why I enjoyed the rain yesterday and, luckily, I don’t seem to have the cold I thought that amount of soggy clothing would bring on.

Author: jon

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