Weeknotes #41: Christmas is coming (with a chutney pasty)

Week commencing Monday, 30 October 2023

A swan, pictured through the reeds, at Seaview nature reserve

Quantified Self

This week: Stand 7/7; Exercise 4/7 and Move 7/7. (86%, good going). Morning walks: 1/4 (days in the office don’t count). Office days 1/5. Total steps: 60,995


  • To the gym Monday and Tuesday so that habit had made week two. I wish they’d reconnect the machines to all the AV stuff.
  • No Halloween callers on Tuesday night but a few out on the street. We didn’t get any sweets in stock this year because we’d end up eating them.
  • Finished Bryant & May: Ten-Second Staircase which I really enjoyed. Took me a while to decide what’s next.
  • Wednesday first first: I lead a stand-up. Basically, I called out people’s names and they said technical things (only some of which I understood).
  • Wednesday, second first: I saw my first Christmas TV ad. It was for M&S. Too early? I am certainly not thinking about that stuff yet. I recognised Hannah Waddingham, Sophie Ellis-Bextor and Tan France. I believe there were others. Thursday I saw another: Waitrose with Graham Norton
  • Fifteen minutes late departing Waterloo on Thursday evening and a half-length train meant we were standing to Guildford. Not the most fun way to head off but the ferry crossing was not as choppy as you would imagine.
  • Friday and Saturday were very wet but there would be intermittent dry periods when we all thought the rain might have stopped. Got wet several times.
  • Friday night’s entertainment from a musical trio was wonderful. There was a real community feel in the Arts Centre.
  • Our Airbnb host from a few weeks ago described us as “polite interesting people”. That was nice.
  • Busy Bees has an impressive Christmas Wold shop selling anything you want to decorate your home for Christmas. I might think it’s too early. The rest of the world does not.
  • Sunday, the swans were more peaceful than the last time we went to the nature reserve and chutney pasty with the cheese was delicious.
  • A long route round on the train back to London but we did break our journey in Woking to help with some bags.


  • Great interview with Macklemore as part of the Zane Lowe interview series. Made me listen to the latest album again.
  • Behind the scenes at Scary Fast: Apple’s keynote event shot on iPhone and edited on Mac.


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