Celebrity Gardening

I visited the Urab Gardens show at Olympia this weekend.

Over the weekend I brought Man of the Moment into the new look. It was pretty easy so and, once again, I’m understanding the value of style sheets. I also changed the naming convention of the individual pages which was made very easy by Movable Type and a little harder when i decided to try lots of URL re-directing.

Reading through today’s web-reading I hear Blogger has also had a face-and-feature lift (here, here and here). It doesn’t interest me a great deal as I don’t use Blogger but then I went to the new site and found the my browser had a username already populated. Lo-and-behold I found an account I created in 2001. It does appear that the new blogger has some nice features but I’m going to sit and wait for Movable Type 3.

picture of matt james - the city gardener
Matt James – The City Gardener

The main event of this last weekend was a visit to Olympia to look at the Urban Gardens show. As we were there early we managed to catch the first ‘celebrity’ presentation. It was Matt James on things to look out for when planting an urban garden. As it turned out he’s a good speaker and I found it really interesting – which is a little more than can be said for a lot of the rest of the show. It was full of stands offering a lot of hard landscaping, garden ornaments and furniture and very little about plants – although there were some fantastic ferns and Canadian Maples on display. Matt himself is very good-looking in the flesh so I imagine he was a very big draw to the show. We didn’t get the chance to see Colin McAllister and Justin Ryan on the Sunday but I guess that might have been fun.

All of this home-style probably explains why I spend part of Saturday afternoon glued to UKTV Bright Ideas (or whatever it’s called now) watching lame home shows. Still, Wild & Fresh (which seems to be a Canadian/UK co-production) has one of the most amusing title sequences of any show I have seen for a long time and a would-be Jamie Oliver in the form of chef Danny Boome. It was kind of fun but, as the Why Don’t You? used to say, I should have got up and done something less boring instead. Sadly, I started to watch the Coronation Street omnibus to catch up on the latest Todd and Karl storyline. Wish I hadn’t.