The Ultimate Boy Band CD (2) Aka The I Am Shallow Project

Another take at the Ultimate Boy Band CD

The Ultimate Boy Band CD Project is starting to depress me for several reasons:

  1. Because compiling a CD takes time (how do those guys select for Now 195? (Update: They get paid to do it all day, of course)
  2. It’s also much harder than I imagined to come up with a CD full of songs that I would actually say is the best Boy Band CD ever (wonder if the Best … Ever people have done this, maybe I should look)
  3. Nobody else seems to think this is a fun idea
  4. Some people seem to think all I care about (musically) is boy bands
  5. Almost everybody thinks boy bands are crap
  6. Almost everybody seems to think this makes me shallow, which is amusing.

I know there is more to life than this! I was having a bit of fun. Lighten up. Please.

And so, on with the project:

  1. N’Sync – Pop
  2. Take That – Relight My Fire
  3. Take That – Could It Be Magic
  4. F5ive – If Ya Gettin’ Down
  5. Backstreet Boys – Everybody (Backstreet’s Back)
  6. A1 – Same Old Brand New You
  7. NEW A1 – Caught In The Middle
  8. NEW Blue – All Rise

I guess I really am shallow!

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