This page is designed to keep a simple changelog for Jon Curnow’s website, This site is managed through WordPress and hosted with Dreamhost.

14 February 2004

  1. Removed the bio from the bottom of each post. Seems ridiculous as I am the only author these days. Ref: template-parts/biography.php

13 February 2024

  1. Disabled comments across the site so no cookies can be set for visitors.
  2. Disabled Jetpack image optimiser and stats services to prevent external tracking.
  3. Disable cookie consent banner as no cookies are set.
  4. Confirmed Dreamhost stats are off. Confirmed Google Analytics was previously removed.
  5. Added a new privacy page. The old page remains in the archive.

4 October 2023

  1. Added a link to my Threads account to the main page, contact page and replaced the @curns link in the footer to go to Threads. Added Mastodon to the contact page.

9 August 2021

  1. Removed the contact form (also from Full Disclosure) because it’s rarely used for real contact and I get so much spam. You can also @curns me.
  2. Moved the media file template to the child theme to that it can be customised.
  3. Removed the Apple News link from the footer because I did not publish enough for that channel to be maintained.
  4. Changes the cookie banner plugin because the previous provider was sold and the service changes. Updated the privacy and cookie policy to make references to embeds. Added a redirect to /cookie-policy.

5 April 2021

  1. The site’s theme was changed back because Chunk turned out not to be responsive.
  2. Updated Full Disclosure to reflect that some of the music and book links may start to feature Amazon affiliate links. I don’t know if it’s worth updating them but I might. [Previous Version | Current Version]
  3. Spent sometime updating dead links in some older blog posts to point to The Wayback Machine.

21 March 2021

  1. Change the site’s theme to Chunk. As a resulted I added the new footer elements. I am undecided if I will keep it like this. Added Goodreads and Blipfoto to the contact page and cleaned up some of the homepage.
  2. Forced the domain to direct to https. This was more complex than I imagined and resulted in being logged out of WordPress for a period. Hint: I can overside the site defaults in wp-congig.

2 August 2020

  1. There’s been a typo on the home page for years. I have only just seen it. There will be others, I know, but how many times have I read that page?

31 July 2020

  1. Finally got around to removing references to a site I no longer have ( as well as links to Google Plus from the Contact page. Added Instagram to the list of social media accounts.

23 November 2017

  1. Added the Listen page as a new top level menu and the second level-audio collection listing by year.

10 April 2016

  1. Publishing on Apple News using Publish to Apple News by AlleyInteractive.

11 February 2017

  1. Ambrosite Next/Previous Post Link Plus & WP Super Cache plugins deactivated.
  2. Autoptimize plugin added.
  3. Maxmind geoplugin JavaScript removed & references to Maxmind  removed from cookie policy.
  4. References to Twitter Digests and old recommend site lists removed as content is now stored in draft form only.
  5. o5-50 and 2004 in Pictures updated with pictures imported into WordPress library; Treo category updated.