Weeknotes #58: Generative AI, the seaside and a garden centre

The Turbine Theatre revives Closer To Heaven, while AI conference stresses adaptation urgency.

Week commencing Monday, 26 February 2024

Burger and chips: my garden centre Sunday lunch
Burger and chips: my garden centre Sunday lunch

Quantified Self

  • This week: Stand 5/7; Exercise 2/7 and Move 4/7. (52%, very poor). Morning walks: 0/4 (days in the office don’t count). Office days 1/5. Total steps: 48,560


  • The Turbine Theatre announced a revival of the Pet Shop Boys musical Closer To Heaven. The theatre will be transformed into Vic’s Club for the show. I loved this musical when it played in 2001. It will be interesting to see what the theatre can do with it. Tickets are not cheap.
  • I went to a Generative AI conference organised by Google UK, which focused on the business aspects of AI. What made it enjoyable was the panel from companies actively using AI in their business, including a case study from formaula-e. The message across the day was consistent: the pace of change is means you need to move fast to keep up.
  • Related: The food during the breaks was delicious.
  • Relatedly related: nice catch-up with my boss in the bar downstairs afterwards.
  • The summary of this post was generated by ChatGPT.
  • Thursday: I attended a collaborative workshop, and feedback on our v1 integration was positive in another meeting. It was nice to be in the room for both of those.
  • Saturday: A lovey brunch at a new (to us) cafe and a train down to Shanklin and a lovely gin by the sea. Sunday: Lunch with PY’s Dad at a very posh garden centre.
  • Reading about The Isle of Wight Distillery’s plans to move into Ryde Arena on the same day they withdrew the application. It’s utterly ridiculous that such a site goes unused.


  • Watched the last episode of the current season of Slow Horses. Disappointingly, I felt it rushed to the conclusion. There was jeopardy in the early part of the episode and a lot of shooting, of course, but it squeezed the ending into the last few minutes and it would’ve been better – or at least more satisfying – to play it longer.
  • Went back to Ted Lasso. We’re way behind and only starting season 2. My favourite line: “Low Fat Custard that doesn’t make you sad” Ted Lasso, S2 E2.
  • Archive on 4: Motorway City is a fascinating history of urbanism. The current political climate means there increasing protests from a large number of residents opposed to the pollution they are living with and those who feel any changes to existing road systems is an anti-motoring stance.