Weeknotes #20

Week commencing Monday, 28 November 2022

Peter Pan’s Labyrinth

Quantified Self

  • This week: Stand 7/7; Exercise 6/7 and Move 6/7. (90%, a good week). Morning walks: 4/5. Total steps: 74,257


  • So pleased that I managed to get out for my morning walk a couple of days this week. Another thing I am staring to track in these notes.
  • Friday night drinks at Smiths of Smithfield was a lot of fun even if the bar was a little loud with a couple of Christmas Party groups. The truffle burger is 100% recommended.
  • Sign of our times: Merriam-Webster has chosen ‘gaslighting’ as its word of the year for 2022 and in another sign of our working times, The Guardian is reporting that a hundred UK companies sign up for four-day week with no loss of pay which is quite an interesting trend given the state of the economy.
  • If you’re looking for some festive entertainment, the production of Peter Pan’s Labyrinth, a kind of panto or Christmas fairytale mashups, at The Vaults theatre near Waterloo is a joy. The Guardian sums it up as what happens “when JM Barrie meets the David Bowie fantasy movie, with a dash of Guillermo del Toro thrown in”.
  • Sunday was a frustrating rail-replacement bus service to Hampton Court Palace for the Festive Fayre. It was a bit smaller than the summer’s food festival but very enjoyable and I managed to get a couple of presents. We walked back to Kingston to catch the regular bus home which was much more pleasant.
  • And the Christmas tree went up this weekend.


  • We started to watch Spirited with Ryan Reynolds and Will Ferrell. We got about half way through before calling it a night. It was entertaining, although not all the musical numbers grabbed me, and I am sure we will complete it in a couple of days.


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