Catherine Tate

The Catherine Tate show has just ended its run on television. Sob.

I am so sad right now. The Catherine Tate show (which follows Extras on BBC2 on Thursday nights) has just come to the end of it’s pitifully short run. It’s by far the best comedy sketch show there has been for a long, long time. I love all the characters but the ‘I d’know’ couple make me laugh before they open their mouths. Foul-mouth Gran, Lauren (Am I bothered? Am I bothered though?) and Derek (How Very Dare You) just make me smile the whole time. What a shame this is ending. Please, BBC bring it back soon.

UPDATE 30 August: Amazon have the Catherine Tate Show Series One DVD on sale now.

3 thoughts on “Catherine Tate”

  1. i love catherine tate i think she is a legend it is sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo funi i can never stop laughin and me n ma m8s r always doin impressions at skool. ma dad always calls me lauren cos i can do her quite well and i can look like her 2!!! lol think ur the best def better than little britain!!! ur a legend hope u make some more series!!!!!

  2. Catherine Tate is the best female comedien on tv without a doubt! Yeah i agree there are many ppl out there that can do impressions of others but catherine doesnt! everything she does is original and each character is different from the other! she gets the accent and voices right each and every time, and in some of her charachters shes completely unrecognisable! take Nan for instance if you saw and heard her for the first time you wouldnt think it was catherine! you would indeed beleive it was an old lady! and derek the gay in denial again you wouldnt think of him being catherine! theres alot of websites ready to slate her and her show but these are mostly men and probably cant hack the fact that shes talented to do what shes done and no man has ever done it before her! Little britain might be funny but all there charaters are either plastic masked or easily to tell its them! Putting catherine tate far in the lead! as she can do her characters without take the mick out of the less privalegded! Like the man in the wheelchair or the moman who is sick cos she ate a black mans bun! Catherine Tate does her characters tastefully ( now we all gotta admit we have a nan or know some1 that has a nan like HER nan sweet n kind with a streak of wickedness) its great watching and if you dont like her dont slag her over the net just simple switch her off!

  3. I love catherin i am her biggest fan i love the show it is the bestest shoe in the world

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