Reading The TV News Headlines

So TV News tonight has only one topic – an election on the other side of the world. Is nothing else happening?

TV News always looks exciting and glamorous: being a TV news anchor carries authority and power and doesn’t have to come with all the trapping of fame; a TV journalist has the travel, a sense of excitement and, sometimes, even the risk. The cameras and the lights: a heady mix of worthiness, weight and touch of showbiz! However, right now I am watching the talented people of Sky News trying to fill the hours covering the American elections with nothing much to say. It must be a horrible task – hours and hours to fill and nothing at all to say. Hopefully, tomorrow, there will be some facts that can be reported on. Right now 74 votes to Bush anmd 78 to Kerry. The future of our world could, easily, be in the hands of one of them.