Fun DVD with a cute hunk as lead.

daniel letterle in campTo be honest, the reason I put Camp on the DVD list from LoveFilm is because Jase’s review last year sent me to the official site which made me think it looked cool. It was, I guess, a typical teenage rites of passage movie with an interesting twist as it is based at a summer camp based on mescal theatre. It’s fun and interesting – some great performances and some fantastic singing. It’ll not blow you away but it will make you laugh (and it may make you cry). Daniel Letterle as Vlad is, of course the heartthrob that we’d all love.

Oh, just go watch it. Laugh and sign then order the soundtrack (I just did!)

5 thoughts on “Camp”

  1. The bf and I watched it and loved it. (Though I agree with my ex’s husband; it was a bit overly hetero-normative.) I bought the soundtrack the next day and we ended up finding the DVD for $10 at Best Buy.

    While I’m hacked off that I lost the CD with a bunch of others, at least I’d ripped it onto my computer at work.

  2. I love your movie it’s dramatic I love to sing every last song on that video. My favourite song is here were I stand by Tiffany Taylor.

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