Yahoo Extra Storage

As the cool kids play with gmail – Yahoo just upped their mail limits.

You know all the cool kids are signing up for gmail accounts through nice invites from people. I didn’t get one and I even know somebody who works at Google. Still, nice to see trusty Yahoo! greet met this morning when I logged into my Yahoo mail account:

Virtually unlimited storage
A whopping 2GB means you should never have to worry about managing storage again! Keep thousands of messages, photos, and documents – think of it as your online archive. [Yahoo Mail]

The new Yahoo interface is cleaner and I am about to start experimenting with using it as an online archive for something (although I haven’t yet decided what). The only problem I ever have with Yahoo is actually getting an answer out of them for a query – which in theory should be OK for free services but I do pay them for some services and can still not get an answer. Ideas for ways to test the extra storage!

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