Online Customer Service Ratings

Just to show that some of the biggest names on the web have poor customer service.

Over the past two weeks I have had cause to contact two online companies that happily take my credit card details for services (and I happily pay them as I want to use the paid for features). You may recall I’ve mentioned contacting Yahoo. I also have had cause to contact Sonic Selector. So far, both companies are rating 0/10 for their customer service when it comes to billing enquires. At this moment it is at the point I would cancel both of the services and find alternative providers – especially as I just got an invite for a gmail account! Such a shame that companies behave like this. Just reminds that sometimes a real-world store that you can walk into is better.

UPDATE: Interestingly – and totally unknown to me until I posed this – the ‘On This Day‘ link is also about poor customer service.

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