Office Alone

I’ve been in the office alone all day today – with Radio Four as my only company,

deskToday has been a very strange day. I have been alone in the office; all of my colleagues are on the road or on holiday. Despite previous thoughts of working alone and/or from home I can categorically say that I like the stimulation of the office environment and I am pretty certain that I won’t be looking for employment from home in the future. I currently work in a small four-person office space and even that gets very difficult at times. Since early 2002 I have worked with three other people in two different jobs. I think next time I will be looking for something larger. If you work alone or from home, how do you manage it?

While sat alone this afternoon I started listening to Radio Four for a little bit of company and was reminded how good PM was as a news show. I don’t be live there was anything that stood out today – part from the obvious talents of Eddie Mair – but I can recommend it if you’re in need of company! Also, while I was working through my tasks earlier I got a call which means I will be attending a hastily organised meeting in Rome on Friday morning so I will be spending this evening trying to get as many of my belongings into the smallest possible bag that I can. It is at times like this that I wish my employer has purchased a lighter laptop for me.

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