Missed Todd’s Coming Out

Sounds like it was a fab night on Coronation Street yesterday.

bruno langley is toddReading the Yahoo group, it seems the story line for Coronation Street got all exciting last night and so I now have to remember to catch the ITV2 repeat. It’s funny but I really do only watch it for the gay story line and fast-forward through the rest of the episode.

For the uninitiated, Coronation Street is a classic British soap that has been on screen screen forever (see the faq). Rumour has it that Adam and Eve watched it back at the beginning of time. Anyway, Todd (engaged to be married, father) had a ‘moment’ with his fiancee’s brother (who, to be honest, is hot). It was the first ever openly gay moment on The Street (which is what it’s known as here and has no link whatsoever to stocks and shares and New York City). So, Todd gradually realises his preference is for men and falls for hunky nurse Karl. This week was the big coming out moment. The storyline is helped by the fact that Bruno Langley is also cute as hell too. So, despite the fact I don’t watch the soaps anymore, I keep watching bits of this storyline (and so, apparently, did lots of other people).

And if my friend Steve is reading this I am expecting a nice long comment about Gail Tilsley and what a joy she has been since her arrival on The Street (a hundred years ago – or so).

2 thoughts on “Missed Todd’s Coming Out”

  1. Ooh I can’t resist

    Gail has been on The Street forever – it’s a

    great way of telling someone’s age. Should they call her ‘that flighty Gail Potter’ they’re over 40

    Gail Tilsley and then they’re of a certain vintage (30-40) remembering the time when Gail left her party girl ways and married car mechanic and ‘hunk’ R. Brian – much to the chargrain of his mother Ivy and the quiet delight of his father ‘Bert’

    Gail Platt (20-30) a reference to the Gail marriesd younger man, stays married, ho-hum years

    If Sarah Louise’s mum then you’re a teen

    Daughter of the tart with a heart Audrey (father unknown) Gail’s profile inspired the ninja turtles in the early eighties.

    She’s worked in a warehouse, the corner shop and most memorably ‘The Cafe’

    After first marrying R.Brian she moved away from the street to a ‘micro-bijou house on a new development’ bought for the princely sum of GBP13k

    Best plots involving Gail

    Losing son Nicky when she went for a date with cafe customer Les Charlton (R.Brian was off marrying Leeza Gibbons? Well the actor was R. Brian was in fact in Qatar)

    The affair – with Aussie cousin of R. Brian Ian Lattimer that might (but didn’t_ have resulted in Sarah Louise

    Brian getting stabbed to death!

    Falling pregnant with R. Nicky and heading off for an abortion – only to be stopped by boy-man-father Martin Platt.

    13 year old Sarah Louise is pregnant (or in street speak ‘is aving a babby’

    The job at the health center – Richard Hillaman and the ‘So I married a murderer; years

    trying to have her own daughter deemd an unfit mother

    Wil that do you Sir? Been out of the UK for 5 years now – so sketchy on the latter parts. maybe it’s time to come home?


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