Euro Winners

A few more words on the Eurovision winners 2004.

So to update. Voting was very political (as always). Terry was funny and James Fox did not disgrace us – although it was not the best song. There was a disproportionate amount of male singers and some, like the French, resorted to gimmicks (stilt woman) to try and draw attention to the song. I like the fact that all countries can now vote (even if they did not make it to the final) despite the fact that the voting process takes longer.

the eurovision 2004 winnersThe apparent political dimension to the voting could pose interesting questions on the future for Europe but I think I just choose to find it amusing. Ukraine won (Ruslana was her name) which must have had something to do with the fact that it was visually stunning but I really do think that Sweden deserved to win.

This year we found a whole new dimension to the contest by watching the extra coverage on BBC Three although we did not get to watch the translated lyrics as subtitles – a feature I think just goes to prove that even the BBC don’t take it too seriously.

And what should I say to my Norwegian friends about another ‘nil points’?