About Jon

There’s always an About Me page. This is one version of mine. I think it’s the original, but some of my writings have been lost over the years. I know there is a more recent version, but this is a mini-biography which is quite nice, really.


It’s probably about time that I introduced myself. I am Jon Curnow, and this is the latest incarnation of my home page – which has been in existence in various guises since about 1993. I used to have a blog here, but I’ve moved much of that content elsewhere, and when it’s all finished, I’ll post a link here.

I was born on September 12th 1970 in a place just outside Wigan in Lancashire, and I lived there until moving to Shrewsbury, Shropshire a little before my fourteenth birthday. I went to Meole Brace School and on to Shrewsbury VI Form College. In my spare time, I answered the ‘phones, played with tape and made coffee for BBC Radio Shropshire.

I studied in Scotland at Stirling University and, following graduation with a degree in Film and Media Studies, I moved south to London. I have lived in Earlsfield ever since.

I have spent time working in satellite audio distribution for the radio industry, online publishing for offline magazines, and for software companies that worked in the online space. Right now I work for an American software company that produce software for the online advertising industry.