Weeknotes #74: festival

Positive week with highlights from Isle of Wight festival

Week commencing Monday, 17 June 2024

Shuttle bus heading to the Isle of Wight festival.
Festival Bus

Quantified Self

  • This week: Stand 7/7; Exercise 4/7 and Move 5/7. 76%). Morning walks: 0/3 (days in the office don’t count). Office days 0/4. Total steps: 76,589


  • Did you return last week for the thrilling finale of the Washing Machine saga? I forgot to add it to my weeknotes. They sent a new machine. It’s remarkable how, when it’s not working, the effort engulfed my day-to-day. Whereas after they had replaced it, not a second thought. This one has a digital countdown—genuinely 21st century.
  • I read today about Sir Rod Stewart’s need to defend his support of Ukraine after he was apparently booed at a concert in Germany on Friday night. Sad world in which we live.
  • Related, I mentioned Rod Stewart this week 22 years ago. I just came across it by accident. Not sure why you’d be interested.
  • According to The Mirror, a sitting Prime Minister has never lost their seat at a general election. Could tactical voting mean it happens this time? I suspect not, but I do wonder who might lose their seats.
  • Wednesday evening to the Isle of Wight. There were some tight connections but I thought I’d make the 7:20pm sailing only to be thwarted one station away. So, I went and did my grocery shopping. Apple Maps’ directions to Tesco were lousy (including trying to send me through a park with locked gates).
  • Friday, Saturday and Sunday at the Isle of Wight festival. The weather, atmosphere and music were all great. My feet hurt from the amount of standing I needed to do. It was a painful walk to back to the bus on Sunday evening. There were a lot of highlights. I need to write up the experience.
  • Related: Souther Vectis ran an excellent service.