Weeknotes #47: Christmas dinner idea: Octopus

Week commencing Monday, 11 December 2023

A view of the Thames from Blackfriars Bridge
View from Blackfriars Bridge

Quantified Self

  • This week: Stand 7/7; Exercise 6/7 and Move 6/7. (90%, Sunday was a let down). Morning walks: 1/4 (days in the office don’t count). Office days 1/5. Plant diversity: 45 Total steps: 73,718


  • Fewer Christmas lights up on the streets immediately around us than I would have hoped. Another week, another sad-Christmas-face-emoji needed.
  • I didn’t do my walk on Monday morning but I did rush around to tidy the house ahead of the electrician’s visit. The bulb that won’t turn off is safe.
  • I am amused that ChatGPT is getting lazy at this time of year. I hope somebody’s bought it a Secret Santa.
  • Nice message from former colleagues on Wednesday would have lead to a Thursday meet-up if it hadn’t been for the office Christmas party.
  • Related, on the party food menu, octopus. Also, too many drinks and a walk from Farringdon.
  • Saturday: a birthday lunch for a friend and an evening of party games with another group. Oven-glove pass-the-parcel remains one of my favourites.
  • Sunday, recovering.



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