Weeknotes #27: formula-e

Week commencing Monday, 24 July 2023

Photograph of the Formula e grid, Saturday 29th July 2023, taken from grandstand 5, behind the barriers. There is smoke on the grid. The team pits are faintly visible.
Formula-e London 2023

Quantified Self

  • This week: Stand 6/7; Exercise 3/7 and Move 5/7. (67%, slipping). Morning walks: 0/4 (days in the office don’t count). Office days 1/5. Total steps: 57,970


  • A conversation that I expected to be difficult on Monday, wasn’t. The repeat conversation on Friday also less difficult than I imagined. Sometimes, you build these things up in your head. The demo I saw was a bit disappointing after all the effort but is making progress.
  • Product Managers should remember to get the domain model and a basic entity relationships sorted before you build the product. So much harder later. But a fun task nonetheless. We agreed, then disagreed and then worked it out.
  • Saturday volunteering at the Formula-e race. In the end, I thoroughly enjoyed it even if I didn’t quite get to follow the whole race.
  • Sunday, Dad went to the Ashes (rained off mid afternoon but he got to see test cricket). After dropping him off at The Oval went for brunch with Mum and then the Battersea Power Station. Lovely day for all, in spite of the rain.
  • Radio is not the radio I grew up with. I’m not one of those who clamour to return to days of ILR but I do quite like a presenter to pop in and say hello occasionally. It’s hard to get just the right amount of personality without being intrusive and it’s very personal. I tried the Spotify AI DJ on a couple of days this week. I thought the voice and DJ-bits were quite well done but the music selection didn’t quite work. Maybe there’s potential here which is why I kept going back to it. Another thing called X however.
  • A good take on some parts of the digital advertising industry. Obviously, I disagree with the statement, “Digital advertising is a scam from top to bottom” but I can understand where it’s coming from. I think the article is guilty of assuming ‘digital advertising’ is one thing and it’s not. I first ventured into this discussion in 2014 and I think it’s still valid.
  • Here’s something that resonates: “Over my many years in politics and business, I have found one thing to be universally true: the kindest person in the room is often the smartest.” From Illinois governor J.B. Pritzker’s commencement speech at Northwestern University via Daring Fireball



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