Jesus Christ Superstar

Jesus Christ Superstar at The New Wimbledon Theatre with James Fox as Judas.

james foxSo I have to take it all back about TV pop stars. Last night I went to The New wimbledon Theatre to see the touring production of Jesus Christ Superstar. PY bought tickets for my birthday. I had heard the soundtrack as a child but never seen the musical until I was in Norway a couple of years ago when I saw it in Norwegian – which of course made little sense to me but was an amazing staging in an outdoor setting. This one was, thankfully, in English. Fame Academy star James Fox was Judas and he put in a superb performance. He was very impressive with a much more powerful voice than I thought he had the last time I saw him perform his own material.

Glenn Carter was excellent as Jesus (although it seems to have been a role he has played many times) and the rest of the cast were also very good. The only piece I found a little odd was Herod’s Song which was camped up unnecessarily but – overall – an excellent night out and worth going to see. Last night was the first night and it was sold out. I hope the rest of the run is like that as it deserves it.