Where is Ashley Paske?

He used to be in Neighbours and Richmond Hill. Where are you now, Ashley?

Ashley Paske Autographed PhotoI always thought Ashley Paske was quite cute when he was in the daytime soap Richmond Hill and, later, in Neighbours. But now where is he? The only reference I can find to him recently is in an ABC (Australia) documentary called The Fame Game that tellingly says that the stars, “reveal how they coped with the all encompassing fame followed by a sudden and unexpected return to virtual oblivion.”

And yes, that is his autographed photograph in the picture. It was a gift.

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  1. He is working in Sydney and you will usually find him hosting a night of fun & frovility at the Paddington RSL Trivia Night!!

    1. And now he is the manager of the Wicklow in Armidale. Cute, chatty, well informed and most enjoyable company.

  2. Hello there,

    Just recently I was reading TV Week as I do religiously and there to my great delight was a write up about the characters of Neighbours and what they were up to now. I have always been an avid fan and am especially fond of the past characters. I was really excited when I read that Stefan Dennis was returning to our screens as Paul Robinson. However, my real favourite was Ashley Paske who played Matt Robinson.

    I actually saw him recently as he has just moved into our area in the Blue Mountains and I was so stunned with how wonderful and sexy he looks now. I jumped on the net and did some research in the UK and discovered that I am not alone. In fact Matt Robinson (Ashley Paske) was recently voted as the person TV Hits readers would most like to see back.

    I’m hoping that if they can resurrect Paul Robinson, they may also come up with some great storylines for Matt Robinson…What about another love rival for Izzy?????, If Paul is rebuilding Lassiters, he needs all the help he can get!!!!!, What about family??????…….after all, Matt didn’t die, he just went to Adelaide, and the fans never knew what happened to him!!!!!!!

    I urge all that may feel the same way to contact Peter Dodds at Grundy Televsision or the Head of Drama at Network 10 and urge them to consider this as a serious option.


  3. Hello. i am from spain. i love matt robinson. i would like to see him again. here in spanish tv or in net at least.
    best wishes for neighbours’ fans.

  4. Hello. i am from spain. i love matt robinson. i would like to see him again. here in spanish tv or in net at least.
    best wishes for neighbours’ fans.

  5. I was just at Mascot RSL and met Ashley. first thing I said was “i know you!” and then i rattled off a number of suburbs I’ve lived and then he told me he was in Richmond Hill, which I had never seen, but I think I remember him from Neighbours or possibly just commercials. He was very nice and still quite attractive. Funny thing, he didnt mention that my last name was the last name of his character in Richmond hill, hehehe. He seemed very happy and content.

  6. Ashley paske use to date my cousins daughter,Alison when they were both at figtree high school .he’s the cousin who got away lol had they later been maried

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