Love Revolution

Pop is good so you will be buying the next Phixx single, won’t you?

I know you don’t care at all but I was incorrect (here and here). The new Phixx single is not out until March 8th according to the newly designed Phixx official web site (which, to be honest, needs some work to work with Mozilla). See, I am launching a campaign for the acceptance of pop as a musical form with people over 16. You must chant ‘pop is good, pop is cool’ every morning and before you go to bed.

While on the subject, Caroline Cooper of has some great pictures of the Phixx boys including our favourite Man of the Moment, Andrew.

If you also look at Caroline’s site you will see some photographs of Liberty X taken in November 2003. They are labeled ‘Coronet’ which means they must have been taken at the one-off exclusive gig for World AIDS Day at The Coronet, London SE1 on Sunday 30th November 2003. Which means Caroline must have been one of the people wielding a big lens on that day. How do I know? I was there!

UPDATE: 9 Feb 2004 – I see the Phixx web site now works in Mozilla. Great.