Every Little Helps You Spend

There is a new store and it’s right around the corner.

new tesco metro on lower regent streetIt was noted in January that Britain’s biggest grocer, Tesco, takes around one pound from every eight spent by UK shoppers. Well, today, they’re trying to take even more of mine as their new store on Lower Regent Street opened (including a barber shop quartet singing to welcome customers this lunchtime). The shelves were nicely stocked and where they were not, people were replenishing them. All the tills were staffed and they seemed to be doing quite a nice trade indeed. Will the friendly service last? I wonder how it will change my lunch habits? I am used to using a local sandwich shop where lunch is made to order and doesn’t come pre-packed. I would like to think I will continue to visit but the lure of the big store and the ability to purchase something to eat tonight could be quite strong.

I have to say that I am very impressed with the look of the store from the street; it really fits in well with the buildings around it. Certainly some thought has gone into that.