Complaining About TV?

Ofcom’s complaints bulletin has been issued so I thought I’d take a look.

Ofcom’s upheld complaints about the Phixx performance on BBC’s Top of the Pops (scenes from a bondage club) which amuses me. If you look at some of the pictures of Man of the Moment Andrew Kinlochan you’ll see they are from the video. It’s a lot of pretty boys tied up on chairs singing. Apparently it breached some standard (apart from musical taste). If bondage clubs were populated by pretty guys tied to chairs singing pop tunes you can bet I would be first in line!

They’ve also upheld complaints about the Channel Four series Little Friends. The concept of the series, using children to entice people into comedy stunts, was amusing at first but gradually the whole thing became cringe-worthy. Apparently it breached the code on ‘General Offense’. It really should have breached the code for a faintly amusing idea taken too far. I am sure we’re all relieved to know that, ‘Ofcom accepted that the broadcaster had taken steps to protect the children’s moral welfare’.

While you’re looking into offensive things you should read the very short entry on Dream 107.7’s breach of Section 1.3 (Language in Programming) of the standards. That only one person complained about the language (when you would have expected Ofcom’s switchboard to be melting) suggests a very limited audience at the time.

Broadcasting regulation is, apparently, here for my own welfare. Shame they can’t regulate Footballer’s Wives off the air (a new series starts tonight).

2 thoughts on “Complaining About TV?”

  1. My wife and I were appalled at channel 4 showing “The World’s Most Extreme TV” on Thursday evening. Why would you wish to show this type of programme to UK society? I found it totally offensive and repulsive and believe that the producers and programme manager should loose their positions and be reprimanded by the authorities for choosing this to be shown. This type of rubbish pollutes young minds and does not help our society deal with life.

    I will remember this and that channel4 decided it was ‘okay’ to show a perverted programme.

    Your sincerely

    A sickened viewer.

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