The **** Of All Snacks

Remember the slag of all snacks?

I do like the sensitive side of this country! Today’s Media Guardian web site reports that “Pot Noodle’s controversial adverts using the line the slag of all snacks have been banned from appearing on TV after more than 300 viewers complained”.

300 people actually bothered to complain about a television advertisement. I would really love to know whey they felt this was inappropriate. I thought they were some of the funniest commercials that I have seen in a long time and the word was used in a humours, self-deprecating way. How can calling a plastic pot of fast food be that offensive. Such a shame they were pulled. However, I don’t really see the point as most people have seen them anyway.

Anyway, here is a gratuitous link to the most offensive words in the English language! Wonder if any of the complainers have a web site where they outline their complaints. I’d love to know. [Ref: Media Guardian]