Weeknotes #49: Ho Ho Ho

Week commencing Monday, 25 December 2023

London's Christmas Lights: Regent Street - a winged angel above the traffic

Quantified Self

  • This week: Stand 7/7; Exercise 2/7 and Move 3/7. (57%, blame festivities). Plant diversity: 21. Total steps: 45,792


  • Merry Christmas. I hope your festivities were fun. I got a negative COVID test on Christmas Day. Lovely present that meant Christmas visits happened on Boxing Day.
  • Will Doctor Who’s The Goblin Song become a thing? I fear it might.
  • Took Mum & Dad to see the London Christmas Lights. Like us, lots of people thought the 139 a better option than the expensive open-top tour. Carnaby Street was rammed.
  • Tonight we are having people for a New Year party. I’m hoping that it’s not too late to bed. Happy New Year!



To save the links getting lost in the future I checked the Internet Archive to see what they had saved for the posts linked here. YouTube and Instagram links don’t seem to archive well so I don’t list them. If the source above no longer works, these should.

The 2007 Collection

The 2007 MosaicAnother New Year and time for the regular yearly review as seen through the pictures that I take on my mobile phone. At least this year I am posting the pictures at the very beginning of the year! This year’s mosaic features 7 rows (for 2007) of 5 pictures.

The original idea was that pictures captured on a mobile phone provide an interesting view of the year. This year the Flickr photostream for my mobile shots shows 74 photographs – but many are from earlier in the year. See the full collection at Flickr. Of course, they only represent a snapshot of the year; a fuller collection for the year can be seen under the 2007 Flickr tag.