My Music And Radio Posts Connected

Two recent posts are connected but I only noted it by reading them back.

It’s obvious that my previous posts about music and radio are connected. Music is more than just a personal space definer. It is, of course, a great mood changer. I noted the two radio breakfast programmes that I want to listen to. Chris Moyles and Terry Wogan are both great radio presenters, different in style but no less entertaining. Having listened to Wogan for several years why did I switch? I think, ultimately, it came down to music choice. Wogan’s music has always been a little pedestrian and slow for my mornings. I don’t like it mad or frantic but I do like it upbeat. Now that there is an alternative breakfast presenter that I like the choice has come down to the music. Chris Moyles plays a upbeat music and I need that upbeat sound to get me going in the mornings. So my mornings are being re-defined for me.

Author: jon

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